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"Oh my love! We are all so full of interior portraits, so full of unlived landscapes." -Elena Poniatowska

University flashbacks.
File under: shit that speaks to me now.

i’m curious now, how are you learning japanese? are there textbooks you are following? i have no clue how to speak japanese. haha. i know the cantonese though.
  Looks like I’ll have to rethink my stance on your ‘polar bears’. :(
I took that HUEHUEHUE to mean you understood my scribblings and weren’t impressed!
  I really do wish I had put some effort into learning Cantonese. A few friends of mine signed up for lessons on their one day off and I admired their dedication. At the time, waking up on Sunday to spend two hours in a classroom was the last thing I wanted to do. There wasn’t much of a basic survival need to learn Cantonese in HK and once I recognized a few characters and learned a few stock phrases, I got lazy.
Learning Japanese is satisfying my inner 14 year old at the moment. It’s fulfilling an old teenage dream and I have a bit of time on my hands. Also helping is the fact I’m learning it with a friend who is brilliant at sourcing links and learning resources. Learning with him is giving me the motivation I need to keep going.
  At the moment I’m teaching myself using memrise for building up vocabulary and learning the hiragana/katakana/kanji. Since I don’t have any ready access to native speakers, all my learning is focused on reading and writing, communicating over the internet. I’ve downloaded a Japanese keyboard and playing around with that has helped.
  I’m writing child-like sentences on something called lang-8 which is a kind of social media site for language learning. People write in the target language and make corrections for others learning their native language. It’s proven to be very useful so far; everyone reciprocates. At the moment it’s the only direct link I have with native Japanese speakers. Good for putting my motley assortment of words into practical and meaningful sentences. 
  The Polyglot has been sending me links for the grammatical side of things. One called 'Remembering the Kanji' was particularly good for learning the meaning of characters as well as the stroke order. I haven't really attempted to physically write much of anything yet; there's been little incentive for me to do so.
  So far things are going smoothly. I haven’t plateaued yet and I’m retaining information well. My previous attempt learning a non-Indo European language didn’t go too well. It was mostly book-based, with some language tapes. The Boy and I were trying to learn MS Arabic together, but the material was dry and difficult, moving from very basic elementary language to complicated expressions of ideas within a chapter. It was off-putting and we gave up after not much effort.
  So I definitely recommend using the sites I mentioned on here to get you started if you’re thinking of learning something!
All the mugs and glasses that have accumulated in the bedroom over the last few days. 
  My boyfriend is that kid from Signs.

All the mugs and glasses that have accumulated in the bedroom over the last few days.
My boyfriend is that kid from Signs.

Elizabeth Catlett
1952 [printed 1970]


Elizabeth Catlett

1952 [printed 1970]

The Boy is turning thirty next week and I’m making good on something I’be been threatening to do for years and putting the man on a horse. Wanted to do it when he was still twenty nine, but he’s gone and made plans for the weekend.
He’s going to look ADORABLE in the silly helmet.



Elder brother, elder sister, father, younger brother, grandfather, child, grandmother, woman, person, man, boy, girl, daughter, son, younger sister.

Keeping track of what I’ve been doing so far. I wish I’d attempted Cantonese with the same dedication; not going to lie, I was intimidated by the characters and the tones. I couldn’t differentiate them most of the time, but perhaps I wouldn’t have been as horrendous as I thought.

I bought an obscene amount of books this summer. OBSCENE.
And yet I’m stuck for something to read.

Because all my books are where I’m not. All I can do is stare wistfully at the picture I took of my haul and stroke my phone in longing.

If only there was some way I could have 100 volumes in the same place….

And here is the first sentence i can say in. Japanese with absolute confidence: 何時ですか?

What time is it?

Na ni ji de su ka? If you want to know the Romanji.

Lots of language posts lately. I’m soaking it up like a sponge at the moment so you’ll have to bear with me.

jugs-and replied to your post:今日は秋です。 Pardon my grammar, but that’s meant to…
ʕ ͡•ᴥ ͡• ʔ HUEHUEHUEHUE ʕ ͡•ᴥ ͡• ʔ


Am I way off?
Those polar bears are just darling by the way.

Feeling hemmed in today. There’s a lot of waiting and postponing in my life at the moment. All my plans keep getting put on hold, not even very big plans- small amusements to distract me from having to defer from bigger things.
Generally feeling that all the decisions I’ve made lately aren’t actually mine.

More horn tooting, but I’m getting a kick seeing my name in print.

More horn tooting, but I’m getting a kick seeing my name in print.

So listless today. Haven’t been able to concentrate on anything.

That being said, I have just read Brideshead Revisited today, cover to cover. Now I’m working my way through Othello. Always a sign I’m restless, devouring books in this way. A comforting way to expend this weird non-energy.


Pardon my grammar, but that’s meant to be something along the lines of, ‘it’s autumn today.’
Summer is over and there’s a palpable chill in the air. Nights are getting colder. While I feel I got short-changed this summer, I’m looking forward to getting myself a winter coat.

I do love me a nice coat….not to mention a good-looking man in a nice coat. The Boy looks particularly nice in the winter.

*no objectification here, Officer…*

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