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"Oh my love! We are all so full of interior portraits, so full of unlived landscapes." -Elena Poniatowska


Blood Moon [gif] stabilized [500x237]



Blood Moon [gif] stabilized [500x237]

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Can’t believe how quickly this trip has gone. Leaving tomorrow and I only just got here. Back to the UK and back to the job hunt grind.

Plus side: I’ll see the Boy.

Downside: it’s really warm here. And we have a barbeque.

The sea, broad and vast, with all its mighty force, ended right there before his eyes. Be it the edge of time or space, there is nothing so awe-inspiring as a border. To be here at this place with his three companions, at this marvellous border between land and sea, struck him as being very similar to being alive as one age was ending and another beginning, like being a part of a great moment in history.

-Spring Snow

Understatement to say Yukio Mishima was a complicated man, but he certainly has a talent for eloquently capturing very delicate and intangible feelings.

Good day for a wedding. I’ll never get tired of the water here. I think I appreciate it more and more as I get older and am away longer.

Good day for a wedding. I’ll never get tired of the water here. I think I appreciate it more and more as I get older and am away longer.

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Rooms by the Sea- Edward Hopper

Rooms by the Sea- Edward Hopper


Woke up with a bag full of creme eggs and sore feet from dancing all night.

It was a good wedding.

First of my childhood friends is getting married today. We used to run around my garden and collect Beanie Babies. She introduced me to Harry Potter.

  Now instead of apple juice, we’ll have slightly more grown-up libations…and instead of marrying our stuffed animals, she’ll be marrying a real live MAN.

  Ewww. Cooties.

  Something that often gets mentioned in articles about the importance of educating girls is the subsequent lower birth rates and risk of sexually transmitted infections. I’ve read as well that they’ll ‘make better mothers’ which is…nice, I suppose, but disturbing to me- surely they shouldn’t be held up as reasons why we should make sure girls get a decent education. Those are side effects rather than the goals, but it often doesn’t read that way.

  Girls deserve to be educated because as a species we value knowledge. We learn things. That’s what people DO. And early education, what ever form it takes helps nurture that spark of curiosity.

Honda pushed against the stone landing with the oar and maneuvered the boat out into the water. As the prow shivered the brilliant scarlet surface of the water, the smooth ripples heightened Kiyoaki’s sense of liberation. The dark water seemed to speak in a deep, solemn voice.

"My eighteenth autumn, this day, this afternoon, this moment never to come again," he thought, "something already slipping irrevocably away."

-Spring Snow, Yukio Mishima


And the…’adventurous’ penguin.

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American Netflix is AHMAYZING. So many random Korean soaps. So little time.

Friend’s brother-in-law is a Proper Scientist who studies impressive space related things like black holes. All the guest towels are monogrammed gifts (or nicked loot) from the ‘4th Microquasar Workshop’.

  I feel smarter every time I dry my hands.

"The Ultimate Fainting Goat Quiz"

Finally! An ULTIMATE fainting goat quiz. This is exactly what my life has been missing. I didn’t do too well. 10 out of 20. Need to brush up on my fainting goat knowledge.

3 weeks ago -

  A snippet of modern life: this morning, from 9:30 three of us, the Boy (law degree), the Boy’s cousin (architect) and me, all three of us tapping away at our laptops in the living room, applying, applying, applying.

  I was looking forward to some R&R in London; for the better part of a month I’ve been frazzled with job hunting, waking up wired at 2 am and averaging 3 hours a night. I’ve been sleeping better but the hunt continues. Three applications yesterday and one today. There will be another tomorrow and then I’ll be off home. No doubt the job search will continue, but at least it will continue in the low 70s and in sunshine.


  Blatantly in for two weeks of rain now. But if that is the case, I still have this reunion in store. Seeing friends- good friends, old friends, childhood friends-  I’ve been in sporadic contact with for seven years. Last time I saw the best friend of my childhood we were 19 and driving in her car, talking about BOYS. I think we have a lot to catch up on.

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