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"Oh my love! We are all so full of interior portraits, so full of unlived landscapes." -Elena Poniatowska

And so ends my hectic summer. Unemployed again, but not minding yet.
All I want to do is sleep.

Next up from the Polyglot’s Playlist: The Stone Roses.

  There was a girl I went to university with and every time I went into her bedroom Waterfall would be playing.



Just that one song too. It would be on repeat. Quite an easy song to repeat, with no discernible end, wouldn’t be too hard to loop it.

Wikipedia tells me their eponymous album is ‘jangle pop’ and so far, yes, there are jangles. How else could we describe it? Noise-sound? Sort of reminds me of the Pixies and about 7 minutes in, it’s got that 1980s guitar riff.

Waterfall just makes me feel like I have an essay due.

I had a sick day yesterday- something went odd inside of me and it was unpleasant. But feeling better now. I slept for about 10 hours and read The Undertaking by Audrey Magee. Having second thoughts about giving it too my mother for her birthday, because despite knowing it was a rather…. stark… book I didn’t realize just how stark it was. It’s very good, and I’d be happy to recommend it, just… perhaps not as a birthday present :/
  I may have to find her something hefty about economics. She’d like that.

It was Geek-Tastic on Sunday. We had in Bryan Lee O’Malley (Scott Pilgrim) and Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead). O’Malley stood at the end of the table for his entire signing (authors never sit where you set them up), which means he now has something in common with Gordon Brown- an odd pairing. He stood for much longer than Gordon did, so kudos to him I suppose.

   Highlight of my day was talking to Martin Brown, illustrator of the Horrible History books. He was magnificent. Signed ALL THE STOCK WE HAD and talked to children for about 3 and a half hours. As a grown up fan I got to talk to him briefly and say thanks- those books (along with a brilliant history teacher) helped shaped my interest in the subject - and he signed a bookplate for me. Very exciting.

Still Life with Books, Mirrors and Lenses III (Night)Ephraim Rubenstein

Still Life with Books, Mirrors and Lenses III (Night)

Ephraim Rubenstein


Three late night shifts in a row- Julian Cope last night. the crowd came out at 10:30. He wore a leather vest and sunglasses. Later that night I dreamed I read about his glow in the dark (a soft neon blue) cowboy boots in the Metro.

Thought I served Tom Waits yesterday, only a paler, shriveled version. I was unable to ascertain whether he was or wasn’t but I’m about 99.9998% he was not Tom Waits. 

The queue for the poet whose work I posted earlier was longer than anyone else’s yesterday. We even had Gordon Brown in. He was there for half an hour and stood the entire time, shaking hands. I got him to sign his book away ‘To Jimbo’, one of my father’s nicknames, simply because I was tickled by the idea. I think my dad will be too. 

The Branch

The artist in my father transformed the diagonal
Crack across the mirror on our bathroom cabinet
Into a branch:that was his way of mending things,
A streak of brown paint, dabs of green, an accident
That sprouted leaves,
                                  awakening the child in me
To the funny faces he pulls when he is shaving
He wears a vest, white buttons at his collarbone.
The two halves of my father’s face are joining up.
His soapy nostrils disapear among the leaves.
- Michael Longley, The Weather in Japan

All my dreams at the moment consist of my stacking shelves.

  Did I say dreams? I mean nightmares.

Not Sunday Morning, but I missed the last Sunday Morning Art…. 
The Persistence of Memory- Salvador Dalí

Not Sunday Morning, but I missed the last Sunday Morning Art….

The Persistence of Memory- Salvador Dalí


Tusk is another great Fleetwood Mac album!
Apparently so. The Polyglot has given me 17 albums to listen to and Tusk is one of them. I feel I ought to list them all and chart my progress.
  • Fleetwood Mac: Rumours, Tusk, Fleetwood Mac
  • Velvet Underground: Velvet Underground; Velvet Underground & Nico
  • Pink Floyd: Low; Dark Side of the Moon; Wish You Were Here; Animals
  • The Stone Roses: The Stone Roses
  • The Clash: London Calling
  • Television: Marquee Man
  • Rob Dougan: Furious Angels
  • David Bowie: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust; The Man Who Sold The World; Let’s Dance; Hunky Dory

Fleetwood Mac Review

  Bland title for ‘reviewing’ a brilliant album. It’s been around for too many years for me to say anything particularly insightful or original and I’m not trying to do that. I listened to it twice and these are the songs I like best.

Never Going Back Again.

The Chain

You Make Loving Fun


The Polyglot has decided my music sucks and he’s taken it upon himself to give me a comprehensive list of music I should listen to. Today I thought I’d start with his favourite album- Rumours, Fleetwood Mac- and spend a morning relaxing in bed with peanut butter icecream and poetry. Here’s a snippet from This Room is Waiting.

By the Time We Met

William Letford

…After the Shiraz, I had courage, and I said. You
must have been something when you were younger
Quiet, so none could overhear, she touched
my arm and replied. ‘We stumble into youth
by accident, from somewhere else, and spend
the rest of our lives making our way home.’

Wandered into the George RR Martin signing during my break and glimpsed the man from afar. Was still wearing my staff t-shirt so ended up being roped into numerous tasks. Decided that I wanted to sit down more than I wanted to oogle, and retreated back to the comfort of the staff box (we’re in what’s basically a fancy shipping container).

  Ate £7.40 in leftover café sandwiches - more than an hour’s wage worth of sandwiches in fact. Other highlights include selling Brian Cox aka the original Hannibal, a book about the Scottish referendum and actually having a wee conversation with him, seeing Jung Chang from a bit of a distance and getting a book signed (in absentia since I was working) by Xiaolu Guo. Also picked up Gypsy Goddess by Meena Kandasamy, the Undertaking by Audrey Magee and…. something….. a book of Iraqi and Scottish poetry put out by Amnesty International Reel Festivals.

 Day off today and like a fool I’m going to head into work to see if I can sneak into any events for free. Nepotism.

Or Cronyism rather.

Nothing wrong with a bit of cronyism if it benefits me….

jugs-and said: "there aren’t enough knives to go around." that is what they say to serial killers.

guess I’m working with a tent full of serial killers. it’s always the bookish, quiet ones.

Also, two days in and my hands are covered in paper cuts. I’m having to use my keys to get into the boxes since there aren’t enough knives to go around. They are surprisingly effective.

Excitement rising.

I get a 40% discount on the books I buy. Already earmarking a few. One is about rare birds and another girl wants to snap it up too. There are only two copies. Have a feeling they’re going to sell out before the festival even begins.

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